Call for Resignation

Statement of Daniel Bennett, candidate for WV House of Delegates 63rd District

October 1, 2020

Daniel Bennett Calls for the Resignation of Commissioner Dan Gantt from the Berkeley County Planning Commission and be Replaced with a Representative of Berkeley County Homeowners

At the Berkeley County Planning Meeting of September 21, 2020, Daniel Bennett spoke about the problems that plague developments throughout the 63rd District. After meeting with residents and walking through most of the subdivisions, Daniel Bennett has seen how broken the current system is. The lack of sidewalks is a prime example of how the commission has granted waivers to developers despite the Berkeley County Ordinance that says there should be sidewalks for pedestrian safety. When Daniel Bennett demanded that HOA members be added to the Planning Commission as a part of reforms to improve Berkeley County, Commissioner Gantt disparaged homeowners as being unworthy of serving on the commission. Dan Gantt is VP of Operations of Gantt’s Excavating & Contracting. 

Dan Gantt: “Hold on, they can’t read their covenant restrictions and certain incidental things like that and you’re going to put them on this board?” 

Daniel Bennett: “Yes....”

Dan Gantt: “Good luck with that buddy.”

“After Commissioner Dan Gant made fun of the homeowners of Berkeley County when I asked that they be represented on the Berkeley County Planning Commission, I respectfully ask that he resign and make room for a representative of our Berkeley County homeowners.”

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Treasurer Lynneia Atkinson ⬬ Paid for by TeamWV63 ⬬ Daniel Bennett for WV House of Delegates 63rd


Join us in calling for the resignation of Commissioner Dan Gantt from the Berkeley County Planning Commission and to be replaced with a representative of Berkeley County homeowners. After years of the Planning Commission giving developers waivers and favors and ignoring the homeowners, we need to be sure we are represented. We are asking Dan Gantt to resign and demand that the Berkeley County Council replace him with a representative of homeowners, especially an HOA participant who is not a developer or works directly with developers.


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